Leaving a Legacy

Rose Folsom - leading our meditations and group time

A Catholic convert and lay member of the Dominican Order, Rose's interest in the classical Christian virtues blossomed into a new calling. In 2014 she founded "Virtue Connection," a blog dedicated to providing assistance in living a virtuous life. Through Virtue Connection, Rose has conducted workshops for religious education classes, the Archdiocese of Washington Women’s Conference, and the first National Symposium on Family Peace. Her audiences have included Lay Dominicans, parish women’s groups, Rotary Club, and the Knights of Columbus.

What participants are saying:

You have a great ability to present your subject in a thought-provoking way. It helped us to do some good soul searching and interact with each other. I loved your style! 

This workshop was a huge gift. Your presentation was amazing—you stirred so many wonderful instances of grace.

You are a walking prayer!

She has posted over 200 articles on her virtueconnection.com blog and launched the Virtue Connection Facebook page. But that’s not all – if your prayer life has gotten a little stale lately, check out her "Revive Your Catholic Prayer Life" course at https://virtue.thrivecart.com/revive-your-prayer-life-course/?coupon=PRAYER50.

Rose grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with her husband of 40 years, Fred Folsom. For fun, she collects pictures of cool license plates. Her favorite dessert is York peppermint patties.

Rose Folsom / PO Box 1541 / Silver Spring MD 20902 / rose@virtueconnection.com / 301-502-0358

Dear Friends in Faith, we pray that you and your loved ones are doing well especially during these unsettling times. We hope that you will come and reflect on God's blessings in your life & refresh your soul by gifting yourself this time of solitude!  

Faithbooking/Spiritual Retreat

Tuesday-Thursday, March 14-16, 2023

Theme:  To Be Decided

Psalm 78:4 - "We will tell the next generation of the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord."

Personalize this retreat by spending time any way you choose!  Some people have chosen to use the weekend as a quiet, reflective time. Others have knitted, worked on their spiritual cards, painted, or worked on projects that bring spiritual peace.
Perhaps consider leaving a legacy by creating a Faithbook - which is a tangible, written expression of God's presence in your life.  Choose the format that is right for you - a journal, a digital story or a scrapbook.  We are happy to guide you through whatever process is best for you. 

Location:  San Damiano Spiritual Life Center, White Post, Virginia

Estimated Cost - stay tuned for final numbers:

$305.00 through February 15, 2022; $325.00 after February 15, 2022

Cost includes: 2 nights in a private room and meals Wed. and Thurs.
(On your Own for Dinner Tuesday Night)
3:00pm Tuesday through 3:00pm Thursday
Welcome and opening meditation at 7:00pm Tuesday night.
Optional meditations will be offered throughout the weekend.