“Everyone has amazing stories – you just may not realize yet how interesting your life is. Faithbooking will help you unlock the fingerprints of the Lord’s blessings in your life and the result will be increased faith for the future.” 

Rhonda Kanning Anderson,  

Co-founder Creative Memories, Faithbooking Mentor

Heritage Makers/Youngevity, 

Sr Vice Chairman Marketing Director

"When Duffy told me about Faithbooking, I was intrigued.  What a beautiful way to honor God's presence and working in our lives.  Although timing never allowed me to attend her weekend retreats, I heartily encouraged her and recommended this process to many others.  I intend to create my own Spiritual Autobiography one day because the power of His working in my life should be memorialized and shared.  Consider creating your own Faithbook and share how important your relationship with God has been in getting you through the ups and downs of life.  This is a wonderful way of quietly giving testimony to others.  Give it a try. -  Psalm 78:4,6 - 'We will tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done... that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and rise up and tell them to their children."

Fr. Horace (Tuck) H. Grinnell, Pastor,

St. Peter Catholic Church, Washington, Virginia &

Spiritual Director for Arlington Cursillo  (Diocese of Arlington) 

"For me, Faithbooking was a chance to take some time to reflect on all the family and friends who had an influence on me and  supported my faith journey. Over a very short time, just a weekend, I was able to recognize the deep influence that my mother, two grandmothers, Franciscan sisters  at my elementary school, and friends had on my own faith journey.  . . .Yes, I've been blessed by this unbroken seemingly fortunate progression of strong and faithful women whom the Holy Spirit has put on my path to guide me on my journey.   A short weekend of Faithbooking allowed me time and space to reflect on this blessing and thank the Lord for their gifts."

Karen Audant, Catholic wife and mother of two children,  
Arlington, Virginia 

Leaving a Legacy