"We will use these stones to build a memorial." (Joshua 4:7)



The theme for our 2016 Retreat was "Stones of Remembrance."

Jean Noon, our Spiritual Director, had this to help us get started:

"When we take the time and space to savor and notice what is most real and true and sacramental in our lives, we gather stones of remembrance. When we create with these stones we build a memorial to God’s work in our lives, a memorial to grace. . . . we are like excavators in the field, away from people, working in the midst of stones at our desks, putting our hands into the dust and fragments and pieces of our lives, becoming more intimate with our very own memory’s landscape and the journey of our relationship with God.

 We become the archaeologists of our lives, deciding which stones belong in our story, which stones mark the times when we most felt God's presence. We are like the workers in the book of Joshua, "We will use these stones to build a memorial." (Joshua 4:7)​


Some pictures from our 2017 Faithbooking Retreat! And below some comments from our attendees!

Leaving a Legacy

"Exactly what my soul needed."

"I will definitely be back!"

"The meditations were marvelous and the quiet time ideal for their purposes." 

"Ability to truly rest in God."

"Great mixture of reflection, community with others, and time to work.  Great space!"

 "Can't think of a thing I would change!"

"Blessing to hear people's hearts!"

"I got just what I needed -- REST -  Resting in the Lord!"