Some pictures from our 2019 Faithbooking Retreat! 


We gifted ourselves this time to reflect on our Spiritual Journeys. 

Our Director Rose Folsom offered this to get us started:

"Each of us is on a unique journey to closer union with God.  Our path can feel rushed and chaotic at times, leading us to wonder whether God is really acting in our lives.  We are grateful to take this quiet time together to retrace our footsteps in a peaceful, reflective atmosphere."  

"Slowing down and letting go of distractions, we can begin to see how the footprints we have made connect with each other in a pattern of grace that we did not notice before.  We discover the surprise of God's hidden action." 

"In prayer and silence, we allow God to help us discover the ways in which his loving hand was guiding us at every step of our journey.  We allow Him to love and nurture us as we open ourselves in trust to the path that lies ahead."

​​ March 2019 - "Bridges"


Leaving a Legacy