Leaving a Legacy


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Choose a Style/Format

Timeline:  Chronologically walk through your life and capture those moments where God's presence was obvious - in good times and bad.

Sacred Spaces: Share places where you felt/feel closest to God and explain why and how you feel when you are there.

God Moments:  Capture and record random moments in life where you look back and recognize God's hand at work.

Mentors: Gather pictures of people who have been instrumental in reflecting God's love to you and describe how they touched your heart or motivated you in your actions.

Inspirational:  Capture scripture verses, readings, prayers, or other words that are special to you and explain why.

ABC Scripture Book​: Gather special events, verses, moments, or people into an alphabetical list and describe how they were meaningful to you.

Gratitude:  Consider all the things you are grateful for and share them.   Reflect on the positives in your life, even when they are hard to see.

Memory:  Keep a prayer journal of everyone and everything you are praying for and keep updating as you go along, noting how prayers were answered in God's plan.

Prayer Journal:  Keep a prayer journal to record those for whom you are praying and keep updating as you go along, especially noting when prayers are answered.

Fingerprints:  Rhonda Anderson, co-founder of Creative Memories and now part of Heritage Makers, has created 10 Questions to create an album reflecting on the "Fingerprints of God."  (See below) Use the answers to those questions to form the basis of your Faithbook.  

Ten Questions for Faithbooking:

What was religion/faith like in your childhood home?
Who most influenced your beliefs?
How did you come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior?
How did you see the Lord leading, protecting and guiding you through your dating experiences?
If you are a parent, or you interact with children regularly, how has your faith been affected by them?
How did you start on the path that led you to the career path you are in today?
What faith lessons have you learned through adversity?
How have music and other forms of artistic expression influenced your faith?
What scripture verses have been especially meaningful in your life?
How has the Lord provided for your needs or answered a specific prayer?


Gather pictures of things, people, places, and events that speak to you about God's presence in your life and use them to tell the story of your faith journey.


​It is wonderful to gather together with friends to work on your Faithbook.  Join us on a Faithbooking retreat.  Or gather a group of folks together to start a Faithbook group facilitate a Faithbook retreat.  Contact us and we can provide suggested formats for your events or we can come to your location to facilitate weekend Faithbook retreats.

First Steps ​

Choose a medium that inspires you.  It can be writing a journal, a digital storybook, a scrapbook, a photo album, or anything in between.  Find something that will allow you to include photographs, sketches, poems, scripture readings, drawings, clippings from articles, and hand-written or digital documents.  Choose something expandable and fun; choose something you want to spend time with - because your faith journey is NEVER over - it is a work in progress.  Think about whether it will stand the test of time - so it will last many, many years!