2019 Faithbooking Spiritual Retreat

​March 22-24, 2019


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Psalm 78:4 - "We will tell the next generation of the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord."

Consider doing your #Smashbook on your faithjourney!

Leaving a Legacy

We are on this earth for a finite period of time. 

Consider the importance of passing on a legacy of:

where we have been;

what we have learned;

and what we have accomplished.

Pope Francis captured our Faithbooking ministry perfectly during his homily at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York

on September 24, 2015!

". . . It will do us good to think back on our lives with the grace of remembrance.  Remembrance of when we were first called, remembrance of the road travelled, remembrance of graces received… and, above all, remembrance of our encounter with Jesus Christ so often along the way. . . ."